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Claudiu Dimofte, PhD 
5500 Campanile Drive   
San Diego, CA 92182-8239   
   marketing dot intelligence at live dot com     |     dimofte at sansea dot consulting   


Consulting assistance has been provided to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and non-profits. It includes:
- marketing research (online questionnaires and focus groups with consumer panels in the U.S. and foreign markets);
- new product development (conjoint analysis projects);
- market analysis and segmentation;
- linguistic analysis of consumer feedback;
expert witness testimony (from local litigation to national class-action lawsuits);
- speaking engagements (both academic presentations and keynote addresses at practitioner conferences);
interviews and commentaries for media outlets (from industry newsletters to national business and news magazines).

Areas of expertise include marketing and business planning, market research, target marketing, branding, and [deceptive] advertising (related academic research areas available here).

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